Frankfort-Franklin County Office of Emergency Management maintains a network of 21 primary outdoor warning sirens located throughout Frankfort-Franklin County. Their purpose is to warn citizens who may be outdoors of weather warnings and severe weather or other emergency situations.

Purpose of Outdoor Warning Sirens


Sometimes you may hear a warning siren inside your home or office, but you shouldn’t count on hearing that during a storm. Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed only for warning people outdoors to seek shelter immediately. The noise from a siren is impacted by many factors like weather, ambient noise and terrain. When you’re inside, the walls, air conditioning, appliances and televisions will often defeat the wail from a siren.

If you are outdoors when you hear a siren, seek shelter immediately. Once inside you should tune in to local television or radio for emergency information and additional instructions. You may also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-date information.

Outdoor Warning Siren Locations

Map of primary Outdoor Warning Siren locations for Frankfort-Franklin County. Ranges shown are the maximum effective range the siren is capable of producing without disturbances in the air. Actual ranges are dependent upon air conditions, vegetation on trees and terrain and therefore may vary.

The following list is the primary Outdoor Warning Sirens for Frankfort-Franklin County. (1-7 are sirens in the City of Frankfort, 8-21 are sirens in Franklin County)

  1. Coffee Tree Road
  2. Browns Ferry at Juniper Hill
  3. Wilkinson Blvd. near Riverview Park
  4. Bypass Plaza Dr. at Schenkel Ln.
  5. Versailles Rd. at Cardinal Dr.
  6. East Main St. at Cardinal Office Supply
  7. Bondurant Middle School
  8. Bald Knob Fire Station 6, Flat Creek Road
  9. Owenton Rd. Fire Station 7
  10. Industrial Park Fire Station 8
  11. Evergreen Rd. Fire Station 9
  12. Demerson Ln.
  13. Erin Way
  14. Highway 151, Loop 1
  15. Louisville Rd. at Gilbert Furniture
  16. Taylor Branch Rd.
  17. St. Johns Rd. at Bald Knob
  18. Shadrick Ferry at Camp Pleasant Baptist Church
  19. Rocky Branch Rd. at North Fork Baptist Church
  20. Colston Ln.
  21. Georgetown Rd. at Providence Baptist Church

In addition to the primary Outdoor Warning Sirens, there are several secondary sirens on the network. These are sirens that are shorter in range and are covered by new, more powerful sirens, or they are sirens that are being phased out.

Siren Testing

Frankfort-Franklin County Office of Emergency Management conducts regular testing of the Outdoor Warning Sirens on the first Monday of every month at noon. This date is changed if the first Monday falls on a holiday. We announce testing on our Facebook and Twitter pages. In the event of inclement weather, or threat of severe weather, tests will be postponed.