New Siren Testing Updates

In News by Wes Willis, Deputy Director OEM


Updates will be posted on this page as we begin testing on 3/23/2016. You can also LIKE our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for current news.

  • Update: Friday 3/25/16 at 4:00 PM – The siren upgrade has been completed. Our next scheduled test of the Frankfort-Franklin County Outdoor Warning Sirens will be Monday, April 4th at noon.
  • Update: Friday 3/25/16 at 8:30 AM – Due to weather delays yesterday, work will continue this morning and into the afternoon to bring the remaining 9 sirens online. Small test activations will be necessary. Those in close proximity of sirens have been notified.
  • Update: Thursday 3/24/16 at 4:00 PM – 6 sirens were tested before rain shut down our operation for the day. Work will continue tomorrow, 3/25/16, so the remaining 9 can be brought online.
  • Update: Thursday 3/24/16 at 10:00 AM – The siren contractor began working on getting the new sirens added to our network this morning. Any activations will be of individual sirens and will not sound like typical activations. The sound will be a low short burst that should stay localized to the area. Weather may impact our progress today and we may be continuing work tomorrow.
  • Update: Wednesday 3/23/16 at 4:30 PM – Due to installation delays in another county, the siren contractor was unable to begin work today in Franklin County. Rain may delay outdoor operations tomorrow and the completion of the project may go into Friday. We’ll post updates on this page and through social media.

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